Forgiving Day

The following is a tour of a fulfilling day. When I'm in "shape", I do similar in my daily forgiveness workout. Remember that everything said is a meditation you must do on the ideas presented in the Course, do not mistaken these for A) bodily ideas where the "I" is your body, and B) Something you can say you know by reading it. Do do do.

  • When waking up, engage in any sort of act that asks for guidance. Ask that the Holy Spirit may guide your decisions today.
  • Before eating, pray in gratitude that you, in spirit, already have everything you need. "Even before you ask"
  • Before travel, meditate on the fact you are already where you need to be. God requires you to be nowhere, and gives you what you need. "I am already in the Kingdom and need be nowhere. I will do your work where I go and acknowledge your presence within whomever I meet today." Remember the meditation is for your spirit, it does not mean you can skip daily bodily activities. I am not promoting a form of laziness.
  • Everything around you is an attempt to cover up heaven. As you travel, try to give ideas back to God as much as you can, the good and the bad.
  • For example: A house represents the idea we can achieve protection in this world, along with other insane ideas (presented by the Course). Meditate and say calmly to yourself "I feel warmth from this house, but I know that all of my protection and warmth is from Heaven. If I am given a home here, it is a reflection of the protection that God has given me, and I am deserving."
  • Take this all the way from the good to the bad. Acknowledge the magnificence of the Sun as a reflection of God's brilliance, and the gifts he gave. And forgive the cold, for it is the idea that you can be without warmth. Look around, and try to guess what aspects of this world mean to you, and give them back to your subconscious, wrapped with a gentle note: "I don't need you" from your consciousness.

Is it a bird?: