Exercise in an event

Situational Practice, roll playing.

For this exercise, either pick an event in the day, or something you heard from the news or even a person, that made you angry. If this can not be done, pick from one of the below.

* You were tailgated in traffic.
* A politician went back on a promise.
* Someone treated you unfair on your job.
* A major event caused the loss of life.

Anger is not necessary, for this exercise, but you will benefit most out of finding something that annoys you. Yes, I'm saying that to be spiritual, first, get angry, don't act on it though.

Now, if you have a forgiveness technique, try it on the idea. If you feel peace, great! If not, let's try an exercise, do as many as you want, in any order. Your goal is to stop feeling anger, and feel peace, by denying the reality of the event.

1. Reword the above sentences to say "Appeared to do" instead of "someone did this". For example, "Someone appeared to treat me unfair at work today."
2. Remember any reason the Course provides as to why the reality of the event can't be true. In short summation, The Course describes how this world has no foundation. It also reminds us that if we created this world, then we must be our own creators, which is false.
3. If you're still stubborn, and just need the extra push, remind yourself that you are choosing between freedom and bondage. Freedom is forgiveness. Bondage is not forgiving and letting the guilt run your life at a later time.
4. Ask for guidance from God and the Holy Spirit.
5. Open ACIM and read it.
6. Use as many techniques as you need from any source, including Gary Renard and this site's section on techniques.

Remember, covering up the event by thinking about something else is not how to progress through the Course. It's hard, but you must be able to look at any situation with love and compassion, and be at peace, or the cause is still there.